Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Photos

After our Christmas tree was up, I decided it was time to attempt some Christmas photos.

Last year after Christmas my mom bought a beautiful dress for Kylie. It needed a sweater or stole to go with it.

It is still a challenge to get a good picture of her. There are lots of attempts of photos that will get deleted.

I then tried to get a picture of both children.

Then I got one of just J.

I want to get some of these enlarged and put in frames. I will say that the thrift stores are the best places to find frames.



  1. K looks adorable in her dress. Can I steal it (the photo, that is)?

  2. Sure - do you want me to send it to you? I thought you wanted the girl.

  3. Well, I could borrow her for a while. :)
    Just e mail it to me, I'm getting a bunch of prints made.



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