Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Projects

I remember as a child making candles with my parents. It was a family activity that we often did in the fall or winter. I remember saving milk cartons or actually buying milk in cartons so we could have the cartons and using juice cans, etc. I decided to try that this year with my children. I found paraffin at the thrift store and bought some things with coupons at the craft store (one week I got three 50% off coupons in the newspaper insert so the kids and I each bought things for the project).

I looked online and found a few suggestions. We got our jars and containers ready. Some of these were things that I have collected through the year.

The most fun for the kids was watching the wax melt.

I used some jelly jars and some teas that we have gotten tea in this past year. I didn't have any chopsticks to use to help hold the wick so I broke a bamboo skewer.

It was a bit more of a mama project but the kids did help. They had fun and have some gifts for grandma and aunts.

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