Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Piano Recital

In the fall we found a new piano teacher for J. The past two years he has taken lessons from someone local and things just weren't working out to continue. Through a local homeschool group we found Olga. We met her and loved her approach, ability, and kind manner. Olga does not teach twaddle (that is a word that I never heard until homeschooling and one I have always wanted to be able to use). J's piano playing has improved. He loves it and will often sit and play. He has asked if various places we are going have a piano for him to play. Tonight was the Christmas recital. Olga has 6 students in the area and we were at the home of two of the boys for the recital. One of the things that impresses me with Olga is her ability to teach the beginning student as well as the gifted and advanced (which is not J but two other local students).

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