Thursday, December 29, 2011

My husband graduated

Insert loud clapping and cheering.

In March 2005 he took his first class for a D.Min in Missiology. The beginning part of this year was spent writing the final project. Then in the summer he was editing it. In October he defended his project and earned the title, Dr. He did it in just short of 7 years. It was a long and at times difficult process and I wasn't even the one doing the work. I am very proud of him and the work that he did. His research topic was unique and he thinks that only one or at most two other people have researched this topic.

We decided that the children and us as well needed to celebrate the complication and so we went to graduation. They had a December graduation which was only for Graduate students. It was a nice ceremony. My pictures was the ceremony were not good. Here is one I got afterwards.

Now that this is done we are getting excited for what God has next for our family. For the past two years we have been praying and considering various opportunities. We made a list of different places were could live. We have looked at various organizations. Two days after he submitted the final edited project we had a meeting that made quite a bit clear. So now we are working through that process. This is an opportunity that builds on his research. His desire has been through all of this that God's kingdom would be built dup

It looks like the place we will end up living was not on our long list of places were we could live. So the following places are no longer being considered -- Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, University City, Paradise, Los Angeles, Seattle, Malaysia, and Singapore. God's ways are not always our ways.



  1. Congratulations on your graduation. Praying for clear direction for the next steps.

  2. Hi Pat, we'd love to get your new email address and phone no. Thanks!



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