Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Body

We finished our six week study of the body in Classical Conversations. For six weeks we colored and cut the various parts of the body getting ready for the final assembly.

Here is Miss K standing with her body.

Just the body -- J added the face.

During the previous five weeks they had been tracing one or two children each week. In Miss K's class they were actually cutting the body out which I would not recommend if you are using thin paper. The last week that they were tracing Miss K went over to the lady doing it and was insisting that she be traced. I didn't remember her being traced but the lady said she had been. Miss K kept insisting and so she agreed to trace her. When it came time to put the body parts on, they couldn't find Miss K's cut out body but they did find the body from the last week that had not been cut out. My thought is that Miss K knew she had not been traced.

J with his body.

Just J's body with the face that he made.

Now that I have pictures of the bodies maybe I can take them off my living room and dining room walls where they have been hanging. It just isn't quite the House Beautiful decor but it is the homeschooling House Beautiful look.

This project is from the book My Body by Patricia Carratello. I think it is an excellent way to show the various parts of the body and be able to see how it all fits together. As we worked through this, we have talked about how wonderfully God designed our bodies.

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  1. Funny! A did this last year at school (2nd grade). He loved it. His body is hanging up on his closet door. I'm thankful it isn't hanging up in my living room. ;)



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