Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Bob is reaching that age when he doesn't want to be embarrassed, made the center of attention, and he has a bit of an introvert in him. He didn't want any mention of his birthday at AWANA and didn't even want a bit celebration. I wanted to celebrate and do something.

We had our traditional birthday pancake breakfast. The birthday child gets pancakes in the shape of his age. I just freehand them on the frying pan. It is a fun way to celebrate and I have pictures with their age.

We don't have a set time when we do gifts. This year we had them wrapped and so he opened them at breakfast. Also I knew it wasn't something that would tempt him from doing school.

Here is he peering into the box wondering what he was getting.

It was a daypack -- great for hiking and traveling. He had spied it in the store and since I didn't know what else to get him, that worked as a great birthday present.

A friend told me that they had to do something and they were a bit disappointed that he didn't want anything. So she filled a box with goodies and they dropped it off. She called me when they were on the way because she wanted him to open the door. I guess he just didn't put all that together because he was surprised. After a minute or two they jumped out from around the corner.

Opening all the cookies -- Trader Joe's cookies, chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels and a fox. Yes, the fox was because he likes the song or maybe it is he doesn't like the song, "What does the Fox say?"

We went out for dinner and he ordered his favorite fettuccine alfredo. Don't tell Cheesecake Factory but he told him my recipe is better. Score one for mom's cooking.

There was another present that came in the mail. A gift from Grandpa and Grandma B. There was a Lego set that I knew he wanted but he sort of knew not to ask for it because it was one of the bigger sets. Well, I found a deal on it and so he got it. I don't think it took long to set it up. He was already adding to it and making the museum bigger. I think the smile catches the fact that he loves it and was surprised.

He has some birthday money to spend and some thank you notes to write. It was a fun day and celebration.

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