Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up December 20, 2013

It happened this week. I wasn't sure that I was ready for it. I had told him that it couldn't happen but it did. Bob turned 13 which isn't bad except that makes me the mom of a teenager. I am not old enough to be the mom of a teenager -- at least in my mind I am not that old. Bob had a great birthday celebration.

Between the AWANA party, Bob's birthday and the co-op Christmas party we had been trying to do some school. We are not taking a break between Christmas and New Year's as we will be traveling for a week in January and I am not packing books that week.

We went out for dinner for Bob's birthday and stayed for a bit of Snowflake Lane which was a show downtown.  Bob posed with Rudolf.

Miss K's ballet class had a recital. Just a time to show some of what they have learned this fall. She did great and has no problems being on stage and in front of people. She did spy daddy at the end and exclaimed loud enough for everyone to hear, "my daddy."

We are continuing through Mystery of History Vol II. We spent some time reading about the Vikings. Miss K colored her Viking helmet. I think it looks like her helmet it is decorated for the rainbow bridge.

We are continuing to work with Miss K on math. I am amazed at what she is learning and admit that I am a bit frustrated at what is not getting. This week Bob helped her with her skip counting. It was sweet to watch him working with her. 

We took a snow day today. It is not often that it snows here and it doesn't stay for long so we took advantage of the snow.

This is Bob just before he was hit by a snowball.

Miss K stayed out in the snow for a short time. She ate some snow, made a snowball, and took one short sled ride and was done. I guess she had enough of the snow.

Today we made Bob's birthday cake. It kinda slipped my mind that I should make a birthday cake. We had planned to go out so I said I would make a cake later. The other week while we were reading Bob had drawer a picture of TNT so we used that as the inspiration for the cake. I baked the cake, he drew a pattern and then cut it out. I allowed him to decorate the cake. He decided it was a bit harder than he thought. We lit 13 candles, sang and enjoyed the cake this evening.

I want to do some baking this weekend. I have made some carmel corn but I don't think much if left. I need to wrap presents and check if I have everything that I need.

I scored some fun vintage nature books at the thrift store which I will share with you.

We are enjoying Christmas books, outings, stories and fun celebrating the season -- remembering Christ  coming to earth as a baby to be the Savior of the world.

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  1. We've been studying the Vikings in history, too, although we use Story of the World. Love the helmet!

  2. My oldest is 13 too. He seems like such a helpful, caring teenager. Have a great Christmas and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Love K's ballet outfit and her Viking helmet. :)



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