Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

It is fun to look back and remember what happened this year. This year did not go the way we planned or thought but we see God's faithfulness and provision.

January was spent sorting through our house, getting the house ready to be listed, taking Miss K to therapy, and packing.

February was a bit more of the same but the end of February we moved out, left the east coast and began the drive to the northwest. We said good-bye to family and friends.

We stopped in Memphis and visited family where we enjoyed ribs. I don't think you can go to Memphis without eating ribs. Bob and I shared these. They were yummy -- maybe we need to go back again.

We stopped a few other places on our way including the Grand Canyon. We were there for sunrise and then later in the day.

We arrived in the Northwest in March and were busy meeting people and continuing to pray that God would provide what we needed to go overseas.

In April we went to Tulip Festival. That was one of the things on my Northwest bucket list. I am glad we were able to do it. 

What did we do in May? School, art class for Bob, eating, and just normal life things.

We spent the month of June at a house near the lake. Someone from church had offered us their house for the month. Miss K enjoyed the playhouse.

In July Miss K turned 9. It is had to believe that she is 9 though she has been saying, "soon I will be 10."

We spent most of July in Asia. The kids had fun on various outings while dad and mom were in meetings.

We spent most of August in England meeting with coworkers, visiting friends, and looking and where God would have us.

We began September on the East Coast visiting with family and friends.

Then we were back to the Northwest and back to school and those other things that we do everyday.

In October we were able to move back into the house. We enjoyed fall here with a trip to the pumpkin patch.

November was spent doing school, eating our lentils, visiting with friends, playing Catan (I might be addicted), and enjoying our time here while we wait.

In December we celebrated Bob's 13th birthday. I am still adjusting to having a teen in the house.

We celebrated Christmas. Our plans were not to be here for Christmas we had planned that we would be moving around that time but God had different plans for us. It was difficult in some ways but we managed to celebrate.

We had advent calendars this year. I think it was the first time to do that.

My kids learned not to trust the box. They didn't get Triscuits but rather socks.

In addition to the socks, Bob got some Legos, a new Bible, a Spirograph (I searched long and hard for that -- it has been $14.95 and then everyone was sold out and it was selling for $65 or so, finally there were two in stock and I was able to get one at the $14.95 price), and a stocking full of treats with a toothbrush.

Miss K got some outfits for her Bitty Baby, a ballerina magnetic doll, and socks.

That about wraps up this year. We are looking forward to next year and praying that we will quickly be able to get our visa and the move, unpack our things, settle.

We look forward to the 2014 with hope.


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  1. Love the Triscuit boxes. My dad loved to disguise gifts in funny boxes.

  2. What an amazing year for all of you! We will keep in prayer for your future travel plans and arrangements. If you ever find yourself heading through the southwest US again and have time, feel free to visit.

  3. Loved this post! You are so good about capturing everything in photos! Happy New Year, friend.



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