Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up - January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

We actually did three days of school this week. I had told the kids that we wouldn't take much of a break. We were back at it on Monday.

We finished the first semester of Mystery of History Volume II. Then we moved to Iceland which was perfect timing as my husband had gotten some books out of the library. We had a layover there last summer and since then Iceland has been a place of interest. All we saw was the inside of the airport. Did you know that 10 percent of the people in Iceland will write a book?

Both kids did math this week. I will say that getting Miss K to do more than one page is a challenge. I give her a page with the date and day and then some things to practice it might be sequencing, or counting by 2s, 5s, or 10s, or some addition problems to do. Then she does a page in her Math-U-See book. The other week I asked her what is 3+0? She said, "25" so I told her, "3+0=3, what is 3+0?" She told me "7". And you wonder why I have gray hair.

Bob is working through Christian Kids Explore Physics. He is enjoying it and I think getting a basic understanding. We have not done the hands-on things the way we should.

Today I decided to do an art project. I have seen a few instructions for painting with egg yolk and chalk or pastels. I had bought pastels to use and even bought some pastel paper.

Bob really would have rather been outside but mom said he needed to paint. We read the book about Giotto. The nice thing about Mike Venezia's books is they can be read easily in one sitting. We crushed our pastels and then mixed it with egg yolk.

He did get into the pairing a bit. After painting the red dots he added some green around it and titled it, "Rose Garden at Night."

Miss K painted and painted. I have to tell her to move her brush and not paint the same spot. I think she painted about three pages one was all red and the other had some brown in it. She was excited that she was able to make brown.

Last week my husband took the kids o the library and one of the books that they got was called, Press Here. The book has a white cover with a yellow dot. Each page has instructions of things to do, press the dot, shake the book, etc. It was fun to watch Bob read the book and follow the instructions.

That is about all for this week.

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  1. I had gray hair but not enough to distress me too much. I did use one box of store bought temporary wash out color to cover gray, after thinking about it for a couple years. It was too dark but nothing stark or terrible, and yet nothing like the description or picture on the box, which said light brown. I have to wash my hair daily, and it did last about 20 days longer than the box said. But it was trouble and trying to find the right color was going to be a hassle, so I gave up.

    But in just the last month I see a lot more gray in the bangs. Strange the way changes come so quickly. I'll be 48 in March.

    How do you think Miss K would do with a calculator? I was surprised to hear my sister say her two boys are allowed to use calculators in their math classes at school (Oregon public school), ages 12 and 15.

    I love getting out the paints because it colors our walls so beautifully with their work.

  2. Giotto is a great artist to study and there are some really good interesting picture books now on artist's childhoods and the like. Educating our children is getting more fun each year with the resources out there!

  3. I love Press Here! My hubby loves physics so maybe you can talk him into doing some hands on stuff with Bob. :)

  4. Hi Beth,
    I'm very curious, how many pages do you expect her to do in Math?
    My Little Man would love doing that art, I may have to look into that.

    1. She is using Math-U-See and it would be nice if she did both pages.



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