Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap--Up January 24, 2014

Here in the Northwest we are enjoying an unusual sight -- the sun. It was so bright I wished I had my sunglasses. I know some of my family spent time this week shoveling snow.

We are continuing along in Mystery of History Vol. 2 and enjoying it. This week we read about Vladimer I of Russia. I had seen a Russia Lapbook on Pinterest and thought that might be fun to do. We did have to spend a bit of time look through our photos from Kiev as that is the closest thing to Russia that we have here (my husband's photos are pre-digital and packed).

To add a bit to our Russian study we enjoyed pelmeni (Russian dumplings) for lunch. We bought them at the International Deli nearby.

Then we moved to another part of the world, China. We read about the Song Dynasty. We had already eaten fried rice and Chinese dumplings on Monday so we didn't repeat that though I doubt my family would have complained.

We touched on places where both of the kids were born this week.

We finished history this week reading about St. Simon and the Coptic Orthodox Church. I learned something new in this lesson.

I made a decision that I needed to pull Latin back to something that we do together. I just wasn't sure how thorough it was being done when I allowed it to be done without me around. We are adding Latin after history. Miss K does join us for this. She has Song School Latin but right now we are not using that as much.

We studied Pakistan this week in geography. We are almost done with the Middle East and then will move to northern Africa. I do have a Middle East review game planned.

Bob is continuing to work through his subjects. I am working to be on top of grading and reviewing what he is doing so it can be reworked if necessary. We finished Analytical Grammar Mechanics and so now we are focusing on writing a bit more than we have. I am using Writing Strands.

One of the frustrations with Miss K is getting her to do school. She would rather spend her day in her room dancing and telling stories. Any ideas for motivation would be welcome.

Here she is with Focus looking on. I told her to teach Focus (you can read about Focus here) how to do the math.

Miss K did learn a new skill this week.

She peeled her mandarin herself. We enjoy those and usually have a basket full to snack on. They are easy to peel and this week she worked at it and did it.

The sad news in our school this week is the death of the printer. Most people list a printer as one of those things that are essential for homeschooling. Now I am thinking twice about copying and printing as I have to run to Staples to do it.

We have a Chinese New Year celebration this weekend.

We have to return library books this weekend.

That wraps up our week here. I trust that you had a good week.

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  1. Oh the death of the not fun!! I hope you are able to get a new one soon! Learning about Russia sounds like it was fun. I have never heard of the dumplings before. Were they good?

  2. How fun that the kids are able to study their birthplaces. Yuck on the death of the printer. We're a big fan of mandarin oranges here too. Have you tried clementines or cuties? Also super good and easy to peel.

  3. I love the study helper Focus! I have one child that adores stuffed animals and will bring one along to sit beside her for school work some days.

  4. I like how you incorporate your meals with your studies. We like to do that, too. I understand about the printer. It does seem to be a homeschool essential. My son eats those oranges by the crate! Do you like Song School Latin? We are beginning Greek and Latin this year with my 9 and 13 year old. My older kids have been doing it a few years.

  5. Love your art goals and the resources you shared. Loved seeing Miss K's drawings - I especially liked her painting.

    I'll have to learn to make dumplings. Thank you for sharing your week and offering inspiration!

  6. Love mandarins too! I'm sorry for the death of your printer. I know that is hard on a homeschool mom!



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