Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - January 17, 2014

We were away for the first part of the week, visiting family. We enjoyed our time together and made lots of memories including tea party, a "eat all grandma's food before she goes on a trip" party, time with cousins, going to the theater to see Frozen, and eating lots of the food we miss.

We had a girls outing while we were visiting family and all the girls went to see Frozen. That was the first time that Miss K has been to the theater. She loved it. Every now and then you could hear her say, "I love it."

On our return flight Miss K was asked if she wanted to meet the captain. I think Bob was more excited that he was able to sit in the co-pilot's seat. He still dreams of being a pilot. Miss K wants to be the "cocoa pilot".

Miss K was up bright and early. I think she is still on east coast time. The kids did have a tea party this morning with all their animals. She really enjoyed the tea party at grandmas and was asking to have another one.

Friday, we did a bit of school to ease back into school. We read Marguerite makes a Book. That is a wonderful story about a young girl who helps her father, a famous manuscript illuminator, make a book. The book gives all the details of what is needed and how to make the paint.

We then illuminated a letter. I just had them use Sharpies because that was easy and what we had around the house to grab.

Miss K talked the whole time she was drawing. She said she was drawing a flower and then an eagle.

I thought Bob had a creative page when he was done. He said he decided to draw a dragon as that was something different.

We don't have much planned for our weekend. I need to go grocery shopping. My husband has some writing that he needs to do so the kids and I will find something to do. I can guess that cleaning the house is not on their list.

I did buy a 5 pound bag of lentils so we will continue the Lentil Challenge. I did rip with my mom's permission a recipe out of one of her magazines for lentil burgers.

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