Friday, January 24, 2014

Art Appreciation

Some days I feel overwhelmed at all I could and a bit of what I should be teaching my children. I do a good job most days at getting the core items completed, but it seems that art is one of those that just doesn't happen as regularly at our house. Both pursuing and practicing artistic activities as well as studying artists and famous paintings tends to happen when we have time.

Both children have taken art in co-op and Bob took lessons last spring at a local art store. I am glad that they have had those opportunities. That covers giving them some drawing basics. We also have various drawing books to use.

As I think about my goals and desires for art appreciation, I want my children to recognize major artists and works of art. There is so much that we can do that at times that can make you feel overwhelmed. We went to the Philadelphia Art Museum the other year for a special exhibit. I would like them to be able to enjoy an art museum.

Here are a few resources that I have found that help us.

Memoria Press has some Art Cards sets that include 33 pieces of art on one side and on the other side is just a bit about the art piece. Sometimes we pick a picture, look at, talk about it, tell what we see, and talk about the artist.

I did get a Metropolitan Museum of Art art gallery calendar. The interesting thing is this is not just pairings but we have seen a dress, shoes, and armor. That makes it a bit interesting.

We have read a number of Mike Venezia books and these do give a short story. One other resource that I recently discovered is a series of books by Laurence Anholt. I read Camille and the Sunflowers to Miss K. It told a story a Camille and Vincent van Gogh. This was short story but sometimes short stories are good as it gives exposure and some understanding. After reading the book, I wanted to learn a bit more about van Gogh.

In our shipment we have some other art resources which I will share later.

What are your favorite art appreciation books?

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  1. A few years ago I got a daily art calendar. I think it was the Met Museum one as well. I enjoyed it a lot. I want to frame some of the pages.

    Just think of the museums you will have nearby when you are in the UK. :) The Seattle Art Museum has a free first Thursday I believe.

  2. It really is hard to fit everything in, isn't it? I can stress myself out about it sometimes, but lately I have been more go-with-the-flow (by God's grace). We try to do a simple fine arts lesson once a week. I've posted about it before, but we use Harmony Fine Arts as a guide for what to study. Honestly I would have no idea what to do on my own. I think having a calendar of great pieces of are is a great idea. I'll have to remember that one! One time someone mentioned even getting old calendars as a good source of fine art pictures. Another good idea that I haven't yet done =) One day!



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