Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Art - the creative side

An Owl made in art class.

Miss K has been taking an art class in co-op. All the reviews about the teacher and the class prior to her being in the class were excellent. I have to say that I have been impressed it the projects that she has done. In the fall they made an owl with class and then painted it.

Before Christmas they made a nativity. You might have to look close to see Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. J did ask if she made another owl.

The class also painted trees in the fall. They went outside and did some painting like artists.

Miss K does like to draw but sometimes we don't know what she is drawing. I have collected most of the Draw Write Now books. These are great books for beginning to learn to draw. I decided to slowly teach Miss K to draw the various farm animals. We began with a hen.

Then a few days later we draw another hen. Progress! Improvement that is really the goal.

It was also fun to see her transfer what she was learning to her own drawing and free time. I found this drawing in her sketch book.

I found this drawing in her notebook. Maybe we need to learn to draw a dog. It does have the look of a dog in Go Dog, Go.

I doubt that she will even be paid for her drawings but it is still a skill to learn and gives her a creative outlet.

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