Monday, January 20, 2014

School Buddies

We generally have a no toys rule when we are doing school. Sometimes toys come and join as part of the school but for the most part we keep toys away when we are doing school. It just helps and keeps both kids of bringing things to the table. That works for us.

The other week I thought maybe a school buddy would help. Someone that could give them encouragement, somebody to hold, somebody special that was only for school. I went to a basket that had some beanie babies and found in there Focus and Excellence.

 Focus and Excellence as they have been named are Hallmark Love 'Em, Bug 'Em animals. I had them in a basket with plans for Valentine's Day. No, I didn't buy them for this year they were from last year and I hadn't done anything with them.

I decided these would be perfect for study buddies.

We named them Focus and Excellence as reminders to the kids on what they need to do. Focus is Miss K's and you might hear us often say, "focus on what you are doing." Bob needs to be reminded to work with excellence. His is a bee and he was going to name him zero because buzz ends in z and zero just fit. I wanted him to strive for 100% not zero so I changed his name.

One of the fun things about these is the zipper pocket in the back. This is a nice place to put a treat for enjoying after school is finished. One of the first treats that they had were cans of sardines. My kids love them. Miss K calls it, "dead fish."

I have put sardines, Christmas candy, seaweed, fruit snacks or whatever I have around. Some days they have nothing.

The front has a clip where you can clip notes. That is where I put their names but I have also used this for other notes.

Focus and Excellence stay on my desk when they are not at school. That is one way that they are a bit special and don't get dragged to tea parties and other events around the house and lose some specialness.

The kids have enjoyed them. I have heard Miss K say, "I need Focus" as she gets her and brings her to the table.

Excellence is watching Bob do his work. Maybe Excellence will help check his work before he finishes.

Do your children have a study buddy?

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  1. Sucha wonderful idea! I love the faces on the animals. Just makes me smile. When I read about the 5 pounds of lentils, I wondered if that meant no visa news? I am praying, friend!

    1. They are so friendly for bugs. It is cute to hear Miss K say, "Focus, come here."

  2. Lovely idea! I don't think my children would be impressed to find a can of sardines though!

    1. If the teacher had one it would have dark chocolate not sardines. Today's treat was seaweed.

  3. I love the idea of the study buddies and the special place and purpose you have created for them!!



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