Monday, January 13, 2014

Teaching Etiquette

It might have been teaching a little etiquette but it was more having fun and making memories.

My niece decided she wanted a tea party this afternoon. It seemed like a perfect time to use all the fancy dishes that have been sitting in the china cabinet for years. So Grandma and E went to work and found all kinds of treats for the tea party.

The littlest attendees were able to use their great aunt's tea set from when she was growing up. The rest of us used a set that my mom said was my grandmother's.

We had clothing to wear -- some hats that were nana's, some gloves, a fur wrap, and some pearls. We each had something special to wear.

We enjoyed tea, crackers, biscuits, and a few other things that Grandma found to serve. We talked and used our manners and British accents.

Well, the boys didn't want to be left of the fun. I really think they wanted the food and the snacks. We decided to give a tea party for the boys. We hurried to the kitchen to see what we could food we could find for them -- some clementines, a few carrots, some biscuits, cheese, and crackers.

This was a time that the boys needed to dress us as well. Grandma keeps everything including all the ties that Grandma no longer wears as well as the ties that my brothers left at the house when they moved out.

There were reminders to not put her arms or elbows on the table. There were words of advice on how to ask for things to be passed. What do you do when you want something that is not on the table. That came as a result of one boy wanting Coke at a tea party. We were kind and served them but some of that was to make sure that everyone got some of the food. We had to remind them that this was tea and not a meal.

My husband and son drank all their tea -- it must be the Asian or British in them. Bob asked for more tea and I heard my niece say, "for real?"

I think we created some fun memories and I know one brother that was glad he went home for the afternoon and missed the event.

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  1. This sounds fun. My Grandmother used to have many people round to her home on Sundays, after the afternoon service, and served tea in bone china cups and chocolate covered digestives. We would all be wearing our best dresses and the men work suits and ties. The ladies had worn hats for the service but never wore them for tea.
    Interesting, though that what we usually call "tea" here is more like a high tea and can be quite a substantial meal with bread, spreads, salad, fruit and cake plus tea, of course!



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