Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up December 6, 2013

I can't believe it is December already. Where has the year gone? Well, let me think about this week and where it has gone.

Two years ago we did Classical Conversations. I loved the memory work that the kids did. I will say that have the community really did help in getting it done. I have Living Memory by Andrew Campbell and had put together a list of things that I wanted the children to work on memorizing this year and somehow that list got lost and the book is in storage. Well, I still think memory work is important but we have not been organized. Last week I found two notebooks at Goodwill for 99 cents. A few weeks ago I had picked up a notebook with insert pages on the free table at co-op so we are beginning to fill our memory work notebooks.

We are continuing with Mystery of History Vol 2. Today we made it to Charles Martel. I love when we learn a bit more details to go with our history timeline. I am reading the Trumpeter of Krakow and today we just had to read one more chapter. I love when you just have to read a bit more.  It is interesting that there are parts of this from Ukraine. I have been looking for and making a list of have to read books for our history.

Miss K was drawing during school this week. I think this picture is entitled "One Hundred Gifts". If you ask her what she wants for Christmas she will say, "toys" and add "everything". That sounds so easy to buy for but actually I think she is difficult to buy for. I don't want anything big because Lord willing we are moving in January. She has so much already that I just don't know what to buy for her. Any fun ideas for a 9 year old?

We found some lights in the house and so we are decorating with the lights and some balls that a friend gave us to use.

Bob lost his math test this week and so he had to do it again. That was not the highlight of his week. I will say that I know he did better when he did it the second time. We continue to have math struggles. He wants me to sit next to him and be ready to help him when he wants. That is not my idea of helping him.

We did have a culture learning time this afternoon when I found Abbott and Costello and Who's on First. Bob just sat and laughed and laughed. I love to hear him laugh.

Miss K is continuing to impress me with her math skills. She is getting the skip counting by 2, 5, and 10 down and is beginning to know more of her math facts. The other year her goal was to count to 100 and you know what that is still a goal. I decided that she just wasn't ready for that and we were going to keep working and come back to that later.

I have begun to write sentences and have her fill in one word. Partially because I want her to write words and to begin to work on writing sentences.

A special treat for her was going to Build-A-Bear. A friend took her to celebrate her birthday and she loved it. She asked to go again. She made a bear and had to take the bear with her to swim today. Don't worry the bear didn't go in the pool. We were watching swim practice.

I have not begun to bake Christmas cookies. I did make a yummy lemon lentil soup. It was so good I am dreaming about making it again. Just in case anyone wants to know we have about 2 pounds of lentils remaining from the 10 pound bag and so far my family had not gotten tired of lentils.

That is about all the excitement here. We are still waiting and praying that we get our visa soon. The swim team all met today at a yogurt place to say good-bye. We made a list of the things we want to do here before we leave. We are trusting that in God's time.

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  1. Counting to 100 has been hard for two of mine. It is not as easy as we imagine, from our perspectives, being so full of pattern and all. I am looking for new ways to teach the transitions, which seem to be the most difficult. The Internet went out in the playroom/family room so I am trying to type in the dark in the bedroom. Any word on the Visas today?

  2. It's 2013, and almost the end of 2013! : ) Might want to check your date.



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