Monday, March 10, 2014

Fine Motor Activity - Crumbling Paper

Miss K is getting her finger ready for some fine motor activities. I especially like to do a fine motor activity before we do handwriting. I have found that by pairing therapy with something else the therapy is more likely to be done.

This sounds so easy and yet when I did it myself. I realized how it works the fingers and also the hand. Try it. I found this idea on another blog but thought it would be an easy activity and something fun.

Get some paper. I discovered a purpose for junk mail. We used the catalog from the local community college. I have more paper to use.

Use your fingers and crumble.

Make a ball. (She was working hard at this activity, her tongue is out.)

To add some more fun to the activity, throw the crumbled paper into the waste can.

I think we might need to work on our paper toss skills.

I am ready to get our things that are in storage and find more fine motor activities. I have a number of things pinned on Pinterest.

Do you have a favorite fine motor activity?

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1 comment:

  1. Great way to build up those muscles:-) She looks like she really enjoyed that! I have tons of junk mail! Maybe I should make this a daily activity to keep up on it all!



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