Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week in Review - March 28, 2014

We finished Mystery of History this week. Yeah!! I wrote a bit about Volume I last year and should do the same for Volume II.

Since we finished that I wanted to add something to our together morning time. There is just too much of the school year remaining to drop history. I am still wondering how it is the end of March already. Didn't we just begin January? We do school year round but do other things in the summer. I decided to spend some time in ancient Greece and Greek Myths. I will share a bit more about that later.

We are continuing with Star Chronicles. I am enjoying it and really learning some new things. Just another occasion of learning along with your children either it was taught in school and I forgot it or it was a gap in my education.

We finished North Africa this week. We tried to play a set/matching game but decided Bingo is so much easier. Next week we begin Europe in geography.

The kids enjoyed playing Jenga. I am impressed with their Jenga skills they built the tower up to 26 or maybe it was 28. Bob has done a great job teaching Miss K how to play. I figure it is a good fine motor skill for her.

We are continuing to use Horizons with Miss K. Horizon's uses a number line but instead we do pull out our Math-U-See blocks and use those. I was busy doing something this morning and Miss K did the first part of her math book on her own. Yeah!! Way to go.

We review math facts, counting by 5's, 10's or 2's and telling time on a regular basis. I do think the extra focus is helping. She needed a bit of time away from the blocks because she was fighting when I got them out. I have her copy a set of facts and then I drill her on those facts allowing her to look at the answer. This is part of errorless learning.

I wanted to take more photos this week and so I had the camera on the table. I didn't take as many but Miss K wanted to take some. Here is Focus. At least the photo is in focus.

You know you are a homeschooling mom when you have two big bags full of books that you checked out from the library.

This week I read the book The Firekeeper's Son. I had seen it on a list of geography books. It is just a short picture book but such a great story. It is set in Korea and there were a series of fires that were a system of communication. The Firekeeper's son has a decision to make to light the fire or . . . You will have to read the book and find out. It had an excellent character teaching

The other book we read was Boxes for Katje. The setting is Holland after WWII. Katje receives a package from America and this begins a relationship with boxes going to Holland and then Katje sends a box to America. This is based on a true story. I will say that by the time I finished reading, I had to wipe the tears away.

We have had a wet week and I think there is more rain in the forecast for the weekend. I have been sorting things and beginning to pack in faith that we will have our visa soon.

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  1. Yes, the months are flying by for me, too. I can't wait for summer weather, so I am not complaining. It is great that you are so ahead on your history studies. We just finished Northern Africa, too. Have you ever played 10 Days in Africa? I love all of your photos.

  2. I'm praying that the visas arrive quickly too. Thank you for sharing your week with us.



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