Friday, March 7, 2014

Special Needs Children and their friends

"She is my friend." 

Seeing a photo of a girl her age, Miss K will declare, "She is my friend." Miss K loves people. She remembers people's names. She remembers various details about people's lives, things I don't even think about.

She is high functioning and verbal though we are continuing to work on slowing down so people can understand her. She is aware of what is going on and wants to be part of life.

I was thinking about some of the friends in her life that had loved her and are her good friends.

Faith was in Classical Conversations with her two years ago. I was the mom who made sure I knew where Miss K was because she had a tendency to wander. Faith was the same age and she would invite Miss K to play with them during the lunch break. She included her and also helped to steer the play to something that Miss K could join in. They would play duck, duck goose because Miss K knew how to play that.

Sometimes I had to step in and tell them what she wanted to say or help guide them in an activity that she could understand. Encourage your children to invited the special needs child to join and teach them they might have to adjust what they are doing.

Megan is another friend of Miss K's. Megan went to the same church they played together some. Megan is the one friend that Miss K talks about visiting when we go back there.

She made friends in our travels this summer and she still talks about her friends. She remembers details like where they live, what toys she played with, what we did with our friends.

We have been in the Northwest for a number of months and has made friends here.

Kara is in her Sunday school class and at AWANA with Miss K. Looking at the two girls they appear as different as can be but Kara will sit with Miss K and patiently help her find the passage in the Bible.

Lizzy is in Miss K's ballet class. Miss K and Lizzy have common scars -- both are heart babies though different surgeries. Lizzy loves Miss K and Miss K loves Lizzy. Everyday I hear the question of when can Lizzy come to play. She is counting the days until next Thursday. I think both girls are excited and enjoy the time together.

I am so thankful for each of these girls and the friendship they have shown Miss K. Miss K's live has been blessed to have these friends in her life. I trust that the girls' lives has also been blessed.

You can help you child to invite and include a special needs child. Your child might need to slow down but the joy is worth it.


The names of the girls have been changed.
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