Thursday, March 6, 2014

"I'm As Tall as you."

Miss K loves to tell you, "I'm as tall as you." Then she will use her hand to draw the imaginary line on an angle so she is as tall as me. She will do it with her brother and daddy as well. It isn't just a once time thing but almost daily or even two or maybe three times a day she will realize that in her mind she is as tall as me and then she will tell me.

She told me this morning, "Look, I am as tall as you." I looked down at her as I pondered how often I measure myself against someone else thinking, "I am just as good as they are." or "I am better than that." I am using the wrong standard to measure. I am measuring based on what I see in others and I should be measuring against what God wants me to do or be. That changes how I compare. I am not as tall as I think.

Now I have something new to ponder when Miss K tells me she is as tall as I am. I will pause and think how I measure to God's standard.

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  1. Beautiful posts, Beth, about Miss K's friends, and about her height comparisons. Children--all of them--have so much to teach us. Those of us blessed to have them in our midst live a life like no other.



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