Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day

Wold Down Syndrome Day

March 21 - the 3rd month and the 21st day symbolizing the extra 21st chromosome.

I am not an expert on Down Syndrome. I am a mom who has lived for almost 10 years with a child with Down Syndrome has changed my life. She will tell you she is almost 10 and has been saying that since we celebrated her 9th birthday which we celebrated early. So almost 10 years.

1. Each child is unique so the abilities of one child might not be the same as another. Miss K is high functioning.

2. 50 percent of children with Down Syndrome have a heart defect at birth. I am so thankful that Miss K's heart was fixed and other than check-ups we are good to go.

3. 70 percent of children with Down Syndrome have a hearing problem. Miss K's hearing is fine; she can hear you mention chocolate a mile away and will be asking for some.

4. Miss K has an incredible memory. She remembers things that I don't even remember like the magnets that a friend has on his refrigerator or what she ate at someone's house.

5. Those with Down Syndrome might be delayed in learning but they can learn with some extra pushing and pulling. We no longer buy diapers.

6. Miss K keeps us laughing. She just got a suitcase and told us she is going on a trip to space. I guess that is one place that she has not been to.

7. Miss K had some speech delays and the major thing that we are addressing at this time is slowing down so we can understand her. She will chat and chat to herself.

I asked Bob what it is like to have a sister with Down Syndrome. He wanted to know why I was asking and then said he needed some time to think. He later told me that having a sister with Down Syndrome means she is slower and so we can to teach her all kinds of things. What insight and love he has for her. She is blessed to have him as a big brother and he is blessed to have her as his little sister.

Most days she is just Miss K but some days we do remember that extra chromosome that makes life extra fun and full of extra blessings.

Here is what I wrote last year.

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  1. Beautiful post! I worked with special needs kids for two years at a summer camp and I've never known such wonderful, special people. :D
    Miss K sounds like a great little lady to meet. :D

    Ashton from HK

  2. Miss K is amazing and so is her family. :) God is amazing and all that he blesses us with--especially those things we wouldn't have chosen--are amazing. I love your perspective and your mother-love!

  3. What you wrote is so beautiful!!! I love Miss K and will miss her as you move again.



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