Friday, June 18, 2010

Ancient River Town

I think we read a page or two about ancient river towns when we were studying but neither of us remember very much. I think that is some of what happens when you travel you learn things along the way and then go home and study a bit more what you have seen.

Yesterday we had some time and needed to do something that would keep us awake. We decided to head out of the city to Zhujiajiao an ancient river town which is not a bit of a tourist area but was still fun.

We took a boat ride which we thought was a reasonable price. 60Y for a short ride. We opted for the short ride as we were not sure what Miss K would think of a boat ride. When we went to the Nina and Santa Maria she did not want to go on the boats which were just docked. We are surprised she did not fuss.

It was a fun afternoon.

I have alot more pictures. So you will just have to come visit and I can show you pictures from our field trip aka vacation.

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