Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tour - Day 1

Our first day of the tour started at 7:00 am. We got on a nice new tour bus and loaded all our luggage underneath. Our first stop was a hotel parking lot where we had to switch buses and take the luggage out. The new bus was not licensed to drive. We got on another bus and headed out. We got to the bus terminal and had to switch to a van that would take us to the bus and the tour group so that meant moving the luggage again. That was vehicle 4 that our luggage was on that day.

Our first stop was Couple's Retreat. I am sure there is more history to the location. We had our kids so I can't really say it was a couple's retreat. We left that area in a boat. The lady sang as she rowed.

The next event was a boat ride up the river to a silk factory. It seems that every tour needs to take to you a place where you can buy something. The silk factory was interesting we saw the cocoons, silk worms and the process of making silk. We had read about that and so seeing it really made it real. We didn't buy anything.

Lunch, a temple and the last stop of a pagoda. It was 2 stories high. Miss K and I went up one story but Daddy and J went all the way to the top.

Our day in Suzhou ended and we boarded a bus to the next city. We had to take the bus because we had too much luggage. We arrived in the next city and had to walk from the bus terminal to the hotel across major travel intersections.

I really don't think our luggage survived that day. Anyone have recommendations for luggage that will survive?

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