Thursday, June 17, 2010


The front desk has been very helpful in suggesting some places to eat. Last night we had a good dinner and so we asked this morning if they had any recommendations for a breakfast place. They said to go out to the street and turn left. We walked about a block and found a place. You can judge the quality of a place by the number of locals and there was a long line so we figured it would be good.

J loves noodles and so he got a bowl for breakfast. J did ask if he could eat all the dumplings that he wanted. We had some for breakfast.

We finished our breakfast with these.

We got all of that with a bit more for $8. Are you hungry?

Miss K entertained herself while waiting for our food. She took the chopsticks and made a "T". One across and then one down and said very proudly, "T". It was rather cute.

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