Monday, June 7, 2010

Laugh for the evening

We decided that we needed a baby safety harness for our trip. a million people and a wandering child did not sound like something we want to try so we headed to Babies R Us. It was an easy purchase just $5.99 and we got one. Miss K was excited and kept saying "K's, K's." Our next stop was Target I needed contact solution and spoons to take with us so the kids will be able to eat. We decided to try the safety harness. She was fine with us putting it on and then she started walking through the parking lot and then she barked. Yes, she barked. We started laughing. Sorry no pictures. I just didn't realize it was a photo moment when you buy a safety harness. I guess really it would be a video and not just a photo.

Her sense of humor is being to show.



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