Monday, June 14, 2010


Sun, sand,

Miss K was happy to spend most of the time just playing in the sand. She did get in the water but it was some by accident, the wave would come in faster than she could move out of the way.


J enjoyed the water. He loved riding the waves.


I think that piece of pizza was almost as big as he is. Nothing like pizza on the boardwalk.

A bucket of fries for yourself. They were hot when we got them and I told her they needed to cool during which time I was able to eat a few off the top. She did share one with Grandma.


The boys were the only ones on that ride. I don't have other ride pictures because I took Miss K to find some fries. She was not interested in the rides.


This is the same beach that we were to when I was growing up. We would often go with my grandparents and so it is fun to go back and take my children.


Skee Ball - just 10 cents a game. That is a fun activity.

Grandpa taught the boys to play war. Which reminds me I need to find a deck of cards to take with us. Since I have gone back to liking Coke I will take my Pepsi cards and if they get lost it won't be a bit loss. Oh, back to vacation wrap-up.

It was a fun time and we were sad to leave our family. They are staying the rest of the week but we came home as we have a field trip later this week. So I am doing the mound of laundry that I brought back, cleaning out the sand, putting things away, and other fun things.

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