Monday, June 28, 2010

"I did it"

I will come back and fill in the things we did the other days but I thought I would post pictures of morning at the Great Wall.

Three years ago we were here and our day was perfect. We knew we would not be able to repeat that and we didn't. It was a bit gray and hazy. We went to Mutianyu.

We rode the cable cars up to the wall. Last time we did the enclosed nice first class cable car. This time we did the ski lift which is open. I love heights when I am enclosed but open forget it. I had Miss K and so it took all I could to stay calm and hold on tight to her and to the bar in front. I was glad to get to the top.

We had fun walking around.

It was fun to watch J enjoy the Great Wall. I am glad that we had spent some time studying this before our trip.

We took the toboggans down. I like that better because you are on the ground and I got to control the speed.

I wasn't sure what Miss K would think of this. As we went down I kept talking to her. She did want "K's turn" to hold the brake. We got to the bottom and I am told that the look on her face showed she loved it and her words were excited as she said "I did it."

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