Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day at the Farm

We had two days of visiting with a friend and her children. One of those days my husband had a meeting so we decided to take the kids to a farm. It was a farm with a number of playgrounds.

As we walked in we saw this banner. It did make me miss home. I grew up not far from New Holland.

We watched the goat milking and petted a few small animals. Then we went to an area where you could feed the goats, sheep, and alpaca. The kids were trying to feed the little ones but the big ones were greedy and pushing there way in to get food.

There was a pig race that we watched. I was told that this is very typical for an English Fair. The pigs had names like Kevin Bacon, Harry Trotter, and a few others. It really is a fast race except for the one pig that got to the corner and then just wandered around sniffing the grass and seeing what he could eat.

There were a number of playgrounds outside and the inside was an indoor play area. While my friend and I sat with a cup of coffee the kids were running and playing. They enjoyed the sack slide and just running and playing. It was a nice enclosed play area with only one exit. That kind always make it a bit easier so Miss K doesn't escape though I have to say she is better about not wandering off though she did go to the car by herself yesterday which was about a block away.

I lost count of how many times Miss K went down the slide. 

It was a fun day as the kids were tired when we got home. 

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