Thursday, August 22, 2013


The sun is shining today. Yes, it is nice outside today. It does get a bit hot in the sun. We will need to find some shade. Since the sun is shining we should go out and enjoy the day.

Miss K and I took the easy outing. We drove in a van down a single lane road that has traffic going both directions. Since we were in a van most of the cars moved out of the way for us.

We stopped at a viewpoint and took some photos. This is the same lake that we walked to yesterday in the rain.

Today we had a nice blue sky.

Then we continued down the lane/road. We did wonder how wide the van was as the sign said 6"6' was the maximum width.  At the end of the lane was a hamlet which is a small village. I think there were about three or four houses. There was a small tea shop that has been owned by five generations.

We had a milky coffee. We because Miss K enjoyed the frothed milk on the top. She was willing to share my coffee but not as eager to share her juice and crisps.

Considering that we were down the lane so far it was surprising how many people were there.

There was a tarn there which is a lake.

We ate our lunch and then Miss K and I climbed a mountain which was really just a hill but for Miss K's legs it was a mountain.

Then we went back out that little lane and were back in the town to enjoy an afternoon ice cream.

While we were enjoying that outing. J was on a 5-6 hour hike. He had his camera.

Here is proof that he was hiking. I love the nice blue sky in the background. I might need to put this in a frame for him.

He also had this photo.

No, he didn't see Stonehenge but rather made his own up on the mountain. Homeschool kid.

I am glad that we had a nice sunny day. Of course, that did mean that the raincoat that we bought Miss K yesterday was not needed today but the weather is supposed to be rainy tomorrow.

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