Thursday, August 8, 2013


My husband had a meeting in Oxford and so we tagged along. We didn't really have much planned and didn't have a lot of time. While he was talking, the kids and I went walking (that almost sounds like it should be a song).

We ate sandwiches at Morton's and then we went walking.

This is the garden at Lincoln College.

Miss K stood at the door and asked me to take her photo.  Then she went to the next door and asked me to take her photo.  I decided two doors was enough even though she wanted to keep getting her photo in front of the door.

We walked past Radcliffe Camera on our quick walk back to the car as our parking time was about up.

We didn't really have much time but we did walk and see a bit.

After my husband's meeting was over, we walked to Pitt Rivers Museum. As we walked in there was a bit of a Natural History museum. Of course, we had to deal with all the millions of years old things but my kids basically just ignore it. There were a number of things there with "please touch" signs. I love museums like that. We were able to touch a whale vertebrate.

There was a case there with different natural artifacts for each letter of the alphabet. You opened the drawer and could feel the item and guess what it was. Some were easy -- nest, quartz, and a few other things.

Then we went to the Pitt Rivers Museum. I don't know what I was expecting but it is not like any museum that I have ever been to. It was cases and cases of various items from all over the world. Things are grouped by item and not necessarily by country. So we saw a case of clay oil lamps from all over.

This was the best collection of nose flutes that I have every seen.

It was interesting but a bit overwhelming.

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  1. What a treat it is to read your posts! Wonderful photos to make me feel like I'm there too. And yes, what a wonderful brother Miss K has!



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