Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cannock Chase

We needed something to do the other evening to keep us awake for just a bit more time. It was too early to go to bed but if we stayed home we would do that. That would not help with jet lag so we went to Cannock Chase which is a short drive from where we are staying.

We drove here to see the deer. There are Fallow Deer here which were brought here either by the Romans or the Normans.  This was some hunting grounds for the Norman kings. Only the kings could kill deer which I am sure the common people were not happy with. We went looking for deer.

We walked a bit which I know was not quiet and peaceful.  It was absolutely surprising that we saw some deer. They were in a distance.

No, we didn't see a giraffe. For some reason when I looked at this photo it looked like a giraffe there in the distance.

We had a nice walk and it kept us awake a bit longer so we could get on this time zone.

Miss K needed a bit of help walking. Her brother is very good to her.

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