Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Iron Bridge

This is not just any bridge but the first arch bridge to be made from cast iron. Construction on the bridge began in 1775 so while over in America the Revolution was beginning to brew here was a bridge that was being built.

There was a new blast furnace nearby lowered the cost of iron and allowed engineers to consider new options for construction.

The bridge cost just about £6,000 to build which would be about £1.5 million in today's money. Abraham Darby who was the grandson of the foundry was commissioned to cast and build the bridge. He estimated that it would cost £3,200 which was raised and said he would fund any excess. That might not have been the right thing to say. He ended up funding the excess and was in debt for the rest of his life.

This bridge was also important in that it was the beginning of the Industrial Age. The bridge claims to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. In the small museum at the Toll House there was a copy of a painting that was found in 1997 of the bridge while it was being built.

Back in the old days until 1950 it cost to cross the bridge. Now you can walk across for free.

We enjoyed our time there and walked a bit about the town. There are a number of museums that you can go through but we decided not to do that today.

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