Sunday, September 1, 2013

"I'm Back"

That is what Miss K told her aunts and uncles when she saw them on Friday. She was so excited to go home which at this time was going to Grandma's house.

But first we had to do all the packing. Why is it that things always seem to expand when you are packing at the end of the trip? We walked through the house where we were staying and found this animal that tried to stay behind. We grabbed him and stuffed him in the suitcase. We didn't want him to have to stay until we return in January.

We flew home via Iceland as Icelandair had the best price. We did have a layover there in Reykjavik. Here is the view as we were coming into the airport.

I will say that the air was nice and clean. We did learn from reading the inflight magazine that winter is not as cold as you might think. We walked off the plane into the airport and our flight was taking off at the next gate and we had an hour till the next flight was taking off.

Icelandair was good. One of the things that they learned from the US airlines is to charge for meals. So if I were flying Icelandair again, I would pack a lunch. Then again the cost of the meal we purchased was less than the difference in the cost of tickets on another airline. They did give the kids meals so that is nice.

We are back here spending some time with family before we head on.

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