Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pooh Sticks

When we were at Hopewell, we had a few minutes to wait for the sand blasting demonstration. Grandma decided it was time to teach the kids how to play Pooh Sticks. There was a small creek with a bridge which was just perfect for playing Pooh Sticks.

Pooh Sticks is the game that Pooh and Christopher Robin play. All you need is a bridge, some sticks, and a creek that moves. You stand upstream and then together everyone drops their stick in the creek. You go to the other side of the bridge and wait to see who is the winner.

I am not sure who won but the kids played a number of time. Miss K found a branch and wanted to use that but we told her that was too big.

I decided this fit in with our British Children's Author study. As we were playing, someone came by and knew what we were doing, playing Pooh Sticks.

Did you know that there are official rules for Pooh Sticks? There is a World Pooh Sticks Championship.

Have you ever played Pooh Sticks?

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  1. Love this post and I will surely be telling my children about it. We manage to see a lot of creeks and some even have bridges. :)



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