Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - The week when we slowly got started

Monday was an early morning. Our flight was at 6:00. We spent the night at a hotel near the airport. We were not the only ones leaving the hotel at 4:00. The shuttle was full. We had five bags to check and for some reason for which we are thankful our baggage fees were waved. We flew south to fly west. That happens when you get cheap tickets. We did fly Southwest for the 2nd flight and the longer flight. I have to say that Southwest was great with service. We were offered drinks about 4 times and were given quite a bit of snacks. We made it back to the Northwest. We did it finished our trip around the world.

Tuesday we slowly began doing school. We had unpacked and found some of our books.

Wednesday was the first day of co-op. That was one of the reasons that we came back when we did. J is in a art history class, Great battles, which is just for boys; and a speech class. The speech class was one that mom put him in but he came out of the class saying that it was his second favorite class. Miss K is doing an art class, a math class and ballet which is her favorite. I am helping in Beginning Chinese. I thought that would give me a chance to brush up on my Chinese.

Thursday was more school. We began Mystery of History Volume II. I am excited that we are study this time period. I am praying that we will be in England for some of this as I think there would be lots of field trips that would match our learning.

Friday was swim team and then a bit more school. We do best if we get up in the morning and do school first thing in the morning. It also goes best if I get up early and am ready by the time the kids get up. Swim team is at 10:15 which breaks up our morning but we did come home and do school.

This weekend is soccer for J and just organizing and sorting through things.

I didn't even have my camera out at all this week. I will have to take some photos next week.

We got started. I think that is my accomplishment for the week.

My children function best when they have a routine and structure. That was hard to maintain this summer with all the traveling. Now that we are back here and getting back into school, we are getting back into our routine. Hopefully next week will be better.

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  1. Getting started is a great accomplishment. ;)
    Did you just now arrive in England? (I was reading your sidebar.) I think getting started right after flying is GREAT!



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