Thursday, September 5, 2013

Science Center

Yesterday was the first day of school for a number of schools in the area. Since we are still visiting family, we have not begun school with books through there is still quite a bit of learning going on around here. We decided to go to a Science Center. Our membership from the Museum of Flight allowed us to get in free.

Miss K loved this. She would just stand and swing the last ball and then watch the balls. She did have to remember to move or else she would get hit in the face when the ball bounced back.

We have gone to a number of science centers and it is always fun to see what things are new. This was a new one -- showing how the pendulum moves. You filled the funnel with sand, swept off the surface and then started the pendulum moving.

The designs were so interesting.

They changed depending how we swung the pendulum. It is a great visualization of how the pendulum swings.

Grandma showed Miss K how to stuff the parachute in the tube. It went out the top so fast I couldn't get a photo of that. Miss K stood there and it is over and over again.

I asked J what was one of his favorite things. He said, "building the dam". He has some of his father's engineering genes. There were some blocks there and you could build a dam. He was able to feel the water pressure build up.

To keep the whole things from overflowing and make a mess at the science center there were some drains at the bottom. J did have fun building and trying various configurations to see what is the best dam he could create.

J and Grandma worked together to build a trestle bridge. We are planning to do a bridge study this fall just for fun.

One of the interesting things was the catenary arch, just like the St. Louis Arch. The blocks were numbered and you build the arch on the board. You do need to make sure that the wooden base is in place and you are building it with that there. When you have all the pieces in place. Then you take the board and stand it up.

You just flip the board up with some care and then place it down and you arch is standing.

The science center was small but it had a number of exhibits that were new and different. Since for most schools it was the first day of school it was empty. I think I counted three other children in their and by the time we left around 1:30 it was just us. (They did say they are closing next week for cleaning and renovation.) This particular center says that they are for grades 3-8.  It was a fun morning.

We then went to Math-U-See to get some more blocks and stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour and a bite of lunch. Sonic is a treat for us as we don't have one on the West Coast.

What is your favorite thing at a science center?

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  1. This sounds great. I don't know where you will be in England but the Science Museum in London is great and free. There are interactive sections for younger children in the basement and for older children on one of the higher floors (?3). Definitely, go in term time. It is horrible in the holidays! In term time, there are often schools events on and they usually let other people in, too.

  2. Looks like lots of fun! We have a science museum here too... need to plan a trip soon, I think!

  3. Our local schools went back this week too. We celebrated by swinging and swimming in the river - it was the best Not Back to School Day ever!

    That looks like a great science centre. We love hands-on exhibits. My children have asked to visit our local science centre soon - your photos remind me of how much fun learning takes place there :-)

  4. That looks like a really neat place to go!



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