Sunday, September 22, 2013

I said, "Yes."

No, this is not a post about when my husband proposed. He did propose, finally and I did say, "yes." But this is about a more recent yes I said.

I am one of those moms who like things done right and the proper way. I follow the rules and I expect my kids to follow the rules.

The other day I said, "Yes." to Miss K. She didn't have her swimsuit and wanted to go in the lake. I said, "Yes." She loved it. Normally, she just gets wet up to her ankles and thinks it is grand. We did roll up the pants a bit up but she was in so the water was up to her knees.

She was loving it. I have to say that it was warm and the water wasn't that cold at least that is what JP told me. I didn't go in the water. I decided how many times is she going to have a chance to do this. Why not allow her to go in. I said, "Yes." I gave her a memory of doing something fun. Of course, she did ask if she could go again which tells me she had fun.

Have you said yes recently to something that you normally would say, no? Are you making memories with your children?

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  1. Too cute! You have inspired me.

  2. Saying "yes" is something that I've had to practice, too. My 3 girls love dancing out in the rain, and I've learned that I just need to let them (as long as it's not during a thunderstorm...I prefer that they enjoy those from inside!). It's one of their favorite things to do, and for so long I looked at the inconvenience of the wet clothes and the mud instead of seeing that they just really enjoy doing it.

    What a sweet post. I love the joy on your daughter's face!
    ~Lisha :)



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