Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hopewell Furnace

We wanted something to do this afternoon and so we decided to go to Hopewell Furnace which is an old iron plantation. It is close to my parents' house so close that we didn't go through any traffic lights but I guess since they live in a rural area that isn't saying much.

Anyway this is an old iron plantation that was in operation 1771 - 1883.

This is a National Historic Site and they have the Jr. Ranger Program. The kids both got the paper to complete the program. I have to say that for J there were quite a bit of questions. He really did have read and pay attention.

Miss K's paper was not as quite as difficult. She did have to find some animals the horses and chickens were easy but the sheep well they were in the field as we drove in and we missed them until we were leaving.

In the furnace they were having a sand blasting demonstration. One of the items that was made here were stoves. They also did make some cannons.

As they were pounding the sand, they asked for volunteers. Miss K was eager to volunteer. I think that might have been therapy.

Daddy even tried his hand to "go pound sand."

There is a water wheel in there.

Miss K was busy in the tenant house -- cleaning the floor

and then in the spring house she was making some butter. Making butter is perfect for her. If you don't know she loves butter. I think she eats bread so she can have the butter. We have found sticks of butter with teeth marks that matched her mouth.

It was a fun afternoon. It was interesting to know that this was beginning production around the same time as the Iron Bridge.

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