Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Ten years ago today we were married. It was a nice fall day with just a few leaves on the ground. The day was beautiful outside so we could take outside photos.

We had about 12 weeks to plan the wedding from when he proposed to when we got married. We were trying to fit it in between me finishing grad school and also making sure that S did not exceed 180 days in the US. We had originally planned to get married on a Saturday but the banquet facility had an opening on Friday so we changed it to a Friday evening wedding. We had chosen the Cloisters for the wedding and we could not interfere with visitor hours so we had to be married after 5:00 when it was closed for the day. We were married in the meeting house that was built in 1741. We did photos before and enjoyed the beauty of the grounds there.

So in the past ten years we have done quite a bit

Lived in three different countries and are waiting for our visa to move to a fourth country.
Changed mission organizations once.
Added two children to the fun of our lives.
Finished one degree, way to go Dr. B.
Flown around the world two different times.
Driven across the USA three times.
Drank hundred of cups of coffee together.

Prayed together and dreamed together about what God is asking us and calling us to do.

So as we celebrate today I am thankful for you and look forward to all the God has for us in the coming years.

Happy Anniversary.

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  1. Happy anniversary.
    The picture looks almost like an English churchyard. Looks a beautiful setting.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Lovely picture and dress! Praise God for all his faithfulness



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