Saturday, September 7, 2013

Not Yet Back to School

We have not yet begun our school year. I think we are ready to begin except for the fact that we are still traveling and don't have our books yet. So this week we are celebrating "Not Yet Back to School". We have been enjoying a week with Grandma and doing fun things with her.

I think everyone is back to school here. Even the children in the one room schoolhouse.

On Tuesday we went to the Science Center. It is was empty and so we were able to enjoy things there.

Wednesday we stayed home except J was able to spend some time with one of his friends. We did play some games. Notice the double blockade there in Parcheesi. I think our Parcheesi game might be one of the originals. My mom read the instructions and if you mailed a 3 cent envelope you could get a copy of the rules. I think the copyright was 1938 or so.

Thursday we went to a cheese farm. It used to be that you actually went to the farm but now they have a shop. You could see a bit of how they make cheese.

We enjoyed all the samples. I think the roasted garlic cheese curds were my favorite or maybe it was the garlic and dill.

It was a scenic drive to the cheese farm. Even though I grew up in this area, I still enjoy the sights.

Friday was just getting some things done here before we head west. We also spent some time visiting some friends. Miss K had a friend that she talks about and someone she wanted to visit and today worked for that visit.

I think next week we will be back to school. It is beginning to feel like fall. I walked in the yard yesterday and crunched a number of leaves that area already on the ground.


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  1. What an awesome week. The cheese farm sounds awesome.
    Blessings, Dawn



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