Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Picking

I remember in kindergarten going on a field trip to the orchard. There was one orchard where we grew up and it was called "the orchard". That orchard still gives tours. My brother worked there for years picking berries and other things.  Anyway, yesterday Miss K and I went with her preschool class to an orchard.

It was cold in the cold room where all the apples are stored. I did manage to get a picture.

Then we went and helped to make cider but the best part was drinking the cider and eating the cider donut.

Finally, we got on the hay wagon and went out to pick our apples.

We were each allowed to pick 3 apples. The Red Delicious apples were huge.

It was a fun morning and then we raced to co-op for the afternoon events and the preschool swap.

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