Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Things about me

Here are some random and interesting things about me.

1. My parents moved to their first house 5 days before I was born. They lived in that house until I was just 2 months shy of 21.

2. My parents have had the same phone number my whole life except for the area code change.

3. I am the oldest of 4 and the favorite daughter.

4. I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate and love mint chocolate. The love of mint chocolate got me in trouble once -- I thought I was buying a mint chocolate bar from Hershey's and didn't read the Chinese closely until after I bit into it and then spit it out to see it was Green tea.

5. I grew up in a non coffee drinking family but somewhere acquired a taste for coffee and enjoy a cup or two a day. Most days 364 a year it is hot coffee but maybe one day a year I will have an iced coffee.

6. I love fabric. I have more fabric than time for projects.

7. I first traveled to Asia in 1991. I think that was the last time I flew 1st class.

8. I was born on my great aunt's birthday about 55 years after she was born. She always called me her birthday girl.

9. I think I have become a city girl. I grew up with a cornfield behind our house but now love living in the city.

10. I enjoy reading though it seems I don't have as much time to read right now unless you call reading books to the kids for school reading. When I was growing up I think my name was on most of the cards at the little library in our town.

11. I won a FFA trophy for the most unusual pumpkin. I think that was as close as I came to being a farmer.

12. I won 2nd place in a speech contest when I was in high school. It was a humorous speech. I might even remember parts of it.

13. I failed shorthand. I don't think I ever used it after college but I did study it.

14. I used to earn money mowing lawns.

15. I don't like snakes especially snakes in the yard where I am mowing.

16. I don't really like coconut but decided that I wanted to learn to like it. I have used it in some things and didn't taste it. It is a texture thing.

17. It has been over a year since I have cut my hair unless you count the times I have put it in a pony tail and cut. I once cut my bangs when I was in college and they were crooked and short so I have learned. I am pondering a hair cut.

18. I remember buying penny candy. There was a general store in the town when I was growing up that sold penny candy. The store closed about the time I was old enough to walk there.

19. I had a phase as a vegetarian. I don't remember how long it lasted but there are times when offered various things that I have considered becoming one again -- the raw shrimp was one of those times.

20. I love paper. I remember as a child having lots of papers and playing office. Now I have lots of paper and call it crafts -- scrapbooking for cardmaking.

21. I do not like heights if I am in the open but love it enclosed. So the open cable car that took us up to the Great Wall was not a good thing. I remember enjoying watching thunderstorms move across Bangkok from my hotel room.

22. I have spent my birthday in 4 different countries.

23. I don't think that a person can have too many bags. Bags are so useful. I might consider becoming a bag lady.

24. I wear contacts most of the time. I got glasses when I was in high school and then contacts when I was in college and needed to wear glasses full-time.

25. My mom saves everything -- I know this is supposed to be random facts about me but what that means to me is I have all kinds of things from when I was a child -- old toys, drawings quite a number of which have been tossed and a few other things. I have the dog that my dad gave me when I was born and the teddy bear that my grandmother gave my mom when she was pregnant with me.

26. I am not a movie person. There are a number of movies that I have seen.

27. I thought it would be easy to think of 45 random things about me.

28. I have been a flower girl, jr bridesmaid, bridesmaid and bride. I still have all those dresses except the flower girl dress.

29. I need comfortable shoes maybe that is a result of foot surgery when I was 13.

30. I still have a baby tooth -- there is no permanent tooth.

31. I have never broken a bone.

32. I don't like wearing flip flops -- see above about comfortable shoes.

33. I am right handed. I remember thinking it would be fun to be left handed but I am still right handed.

34. I kick with my left foot when I play kickball.

35. I played volleyball and basketball in high school. I was not the star player.

36. I really should put my kids to bed. It is bedtime but the debate is if I allow them to stay up later will they sleep later. I think they are finally in this time zone.

37. We had a dog for 6 weeks when I was growing and a cat for some time as well. My parents had a cat later when I was out of the house. Now the only pet we have is a fish that has no name.

38. I have a collection of blue and white dishes that I bought in Thailand most of them from the weekend market.

39. I like Coke better than Pepsi. I used to like Pepsi better but being in Asia changed all that. I didn't like the taste of Pepsi in Asia and switched to Coke and just have not switched back.

40. I worked in a candy & nut store one summer.

41. I have never worked in a restaurant except for 3 weeks at McDonald's.

42. I love a good bargain.

43. I have wonderful parents who have taught me so much in life first is what they have taught me about God and second how to live.

44. I have a wonderful husband who spoils me. I tell him he should have married me when he met me instead of waiting 5 years.

45. I have celebrated 45 birthdays and am thankful all that God has given me these many years. While my husband had a busy day working, my wonderful friend spent the day with us and treated us to lunch and a special visit.


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