Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Candy Hunt

Once upon a time when I was a child, to replace Halloween my mom created a candy hunt. Now it is in it's second generation. Today was the annual candy hunt. It is a bit like the egg hunt but in the fall and the candy is in plastic bags. The kids were allowed to dress up for the event. I wanted them to pick story characters.

So we had Long John Silver.

That is his parrot sitting on his shoulder and you can't really see his peg leg.

Then we had Madeline.

She put it on. Gave us enough time to take a few pictures and then it was on the floor in a heap.

I had fun making these. The cost was 90 cents and rummaging through the fabric stash. I had bought the yellow felt a few weeks ago at the thrift store just because it was too nice of a piece to leave there.

The pirate's pants were made from a pajama pattern and then some brown added around the knee down to make it look like a peg leg. He did have something to put on his head but decided not to put it on.

Madeline's outfit was made from using a coat and just cutting and guessing. The collar has a pleat in the back because there was extra collar and the cape becomes a hood in the back. The hat was a bit challenging but I think it was the least frustrating that I could make.

The candy hunt was fun. They have full bags which will be treats over the next few weeks. After the kids had searched for 20 each it was open season and I found 3 treats and a pair of glasses.

It is wonderful to be close to family and be able to join these events.


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