Thursday, October 28, 2010

The view from my window

A view people have mentioned to me to be sure to take lots of pictures. I am guessing that they would like to see those pictures and so this is probably the easiest way to share the pictures. At one time in my life I was traveling quite a bit and took pictures out of my hotel window so I will share a few from this room.

We have a few of the harbor. Yesterday morning we could see a cruise boat come in. This morning we saw a cruise boat come in.

For many years they were working on this building and it was behind a wall. If you were high enough you could look over the wall and see the work. Finally, it is finished.

These pictures were taken in the morning. The city here seems to wake up late but then stay up late. When we lived here we were amazed that the train was packed at 11pm.

I will have to get some pictures at street level.

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