Thursday, October 7, 2010

Road Trip

We took a few days and went on a road trip. I think it was the longest road trip we have taken as a family - 6.5 hours according to GPS but a few stops and some traffic make it a bit longer. We headed north to visit with some wonderful friends. We talked, drank coffee, shopped, went to the fair, played chess, ate delicious food, visited a lighthouse, and just enjoyed spending time together.

On Saturday some went to a fair.

We really are city folks. I don't think we can go far before we come to a traffic light. We did enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

We ate some delicious food. My friend made corn chowder and J said it was good and "why don't you make this. I guess that was a hint. On Monday she told him she was making sloppy joe's. He told her that "at our house we eat it in buns" because she had told him that sometimes they eat them on rice or in tortillas he again told her that at our house we eat it in buns.

We had beautiful fall weather. It was cold for our picnic and I think it was named the last picnic of the year.

Our sewing project for the weekend was rags -- maybe it sounds better to say "paperless paper towels". We made 60 of them.

Aren't they pretty and fun. Just what you need to clean up a mess.

I shopped at Reny's, LL Bean and Stonewall Kitchens. I have lots of blueberry syrup and jam.

It was a fun weekend and we enjoyed our visit.


  1. Hi Beth, Sounds like such fun. Will you just keep reusing the rags? ?Sounds neat. blessings, mary and all

  2. Yes, Mary, we will reuse those rags -- just use them and throw them in the wash and use them again. They replace paper towels for the most part. We also use them to replace napkins.



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