Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indian Lunch

As we prepared for our trip here, everyone mentioned different things we wanted to do. The largest section on the list were places we wanted to eat at. One of the "have to go to" places was Shalimar, a small Indian restaurant with 8 tables in the area where we used to live. I think when we moved there we had not eaten much Indian food and we went there because it had an English menu. It didn't take long until we developed our favorite items and came to really love Indian food.

We had to start the meal with vegetable somosas. We did find an Indian restaurant here our home but it just didn't compare.

Chicken Korma is another one of the favourites.

We are noticing all the changes since we left here 18 months ago. It is a new menu since then and one of my favourite things about Shalimar -- the Coke in a glass bottle went up 2HK$. I still treated myself.

It was a fun memory meal and I am thinking about various Indian dishes that I can make when we get home. When we lived here and ate there often, I made a number of things with lentils. I might need to get those recipes out and cook Indian food again.

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