Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sequential Spelling

Last year for spelling we just used a spelling list that I found online. That was after trying Rod & Staff and discovering that was not for us. So we just used that list. It was okay but I felt that he didn't really remember the words. I have heard people online talk about Sequential Spelling but I wasn't sure I was going to buy another program. I decided to just continue with the lists that I found online. Forget the fact that I have Spelling Power on my shelf and that I bought Sequential Spelling at a yard sale for $4 which was Book 1 and Book 2 plus a workbook that had a few days written in. After a few days of head banging on  the part of  both student and teacher and probably more from the teacher, I decided we need to switch. J is a bit behind grade level especially in Language Arts which is understandable he has only been speaking English for less than 2 years.

I switched to Sequential Spelling. His initial response was he liked the fact that he was learning to spell longer words. Then he got tired of doing spelling everyday (we had only been doing spelling once a week or maybe twice a week). He did like the way words build on each other. He still fights at times doing spelling everyday. He is learning to spell.

The only thing I don't like is I don't have the spelling rules that they refer to. I have looked to purchase it but it is expensive.

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