Saturday, November 16, 2013

Comfort Food - Egg in a Hole

Comfort food is that food that takes you back to your childhood and is probably not gourmet but what reminds you of your mom or in this case my dad.

When I was growing up on Saturday morning, my dad would make egg in a hole. We didn't watch Saturday morning cartoons rather we sat and listened to Ranger Bill, Ranger Bill warrior of the woodlands . . . and then we listened to Uncle Charlie. I remember going to an Uncle Charlie rally/gathering. So on Saturday morning we had to be up by 8:00 so we could hear these program. For one of my brothers that was not a problem he got up at 6:00 and I think he still does. We would go to the kitchen and while we listened my dad would make egg in a hole for each of us.

My mom had a cookie cutter that was just the right size to make the hole. You want the hole big enough so the egg will go through but also not too big because it is nice to have some bread around the egg. Mine were hand crafted meaning I used a knife and carefully cut a hole.

Then you need to butter both sides of the bread.

Put the bread on the frying pan and put an egg in the hole. That is how it gets its name.

Let it cook for a bit and then carefully flip it. That side should be nicely browned and toasted.

Cook until it is done. The white should be cooked and the egg runny so you have a dippy egg (using that term shows my east coast upbringing).

Butter and toast the hole and serve that with the egg in a hole.

Now you have your egg and toast all on the same plate. You are ready for breakfast and some Saturday morning radio. I made these the other week for my kids and they enjoyed them. Nine years ago when my parents came to Asia to visit my dad taught my husband how to make them.

The other comfort food that my dad makes is fried potatoes and eggs. I really do like it even though I think that is all we ate when my mom was working. Actually I do know that he cooked other things. Every now and then I have to make some fried potatoes and eggs for comfort food.

I think no one makes a grilled cheese sandwich like my mom. I do think that is comfort food for me. The bread is toasted to just a light golden and the cheese nicely melted. Sometimes we will add some ham or in the summer when we have tomatoes from the garden a slice of tomato.

One other things that my mom makes is her Salad Dressing Cake. I think I requested that every year for my birthday.

I wonder what my kids will say is comfort food? Corn chowder, meatball soup, or maybe rice.

What is your comfort food?

who felt that it was fitting to publish this on a Saturday morning at 8:00.
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  1. You can always use a glass to cut out the hole; that's what I've done when I can't find my donut cutter. :)



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