Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fire Safety

I know October was fire safety month. I have been thinking about fire safety and knew it was something that we needed to do in some form.

Where we lived last we had to do a homeschool portfolio. One of the things that was just an item that the evaluators looked for was fire safety. While I am not living there, I am still following most of the requirements.

Last year we visited the fire station during their open house and counted that as our fire safety. One year I picked up some brochures and fire hats when I went to vote, we reviewed those and called it fire safety.  The year we did Classical Conversation our campus had a fire marshall and fire truck come.

I missed the open house at the fire station. I decided to have a fire safety seminar. Just like in life you attend a seminar to refresh your skills or to learn a new skill I decided to have a fire safety seminar.

We started with a video that I found online just discussing fire safety. I also pulled some posters and made a Power Point presentation. Doesn't every seminar need to have a Power Point presentation.

Miss K showed us how to "Stop, Drop, and Roll".

I wanted something to include in the portfolio and so I assigned them to make a fire safety poster. Miss K didn't really have much to write.

I had a bit more expectations of what I wanted Bob to do. I thought his fire safety poster was a good reminder and also demonstrated his creativity.

I think most seminars have a tea and coffee break. We didn't have tea and coffee but we did have Jello, all three colors that make up the colors of fire. (I found that idea on Pinterest.)

I allowed the kids to fill their bowls and then told them it was on fire and we needed to put the fire out. The best thing to put on a bowl of Jello is whipped cream.

We had our fire safety seminar and can check that off the list for this school year.

Do you do teach fire safety?

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  1. You are such a good teacher! I'm sure they appreciate your diligence and creativity. We have a fire safety requirement too, but our portfolio teachers are also homeschool moms and they cut us slack on the side things. I am not nearly so creative so I just get library books about these things. Once we went to a fire safety trailer at a fall festival, and they had some fake smoke effect as part of the "get out of the building fast" part. Daniel had a fire fear after that for three or four years. He was three at the time.a

    The package arrived and the girls were thrilled. Anna is so delighted she is planning how she will surprise Daddy tonight with her new dresses! She decided since he comes at seven, just as we are sitting down at dinner, that she would hide under the table and pop out with one of the dresses on, and a few others in her hand, and lift her legs to show the ballet slippers. She is a hoot! It made me teary eyed watching her excitement. I will take a photo of her to send to Miss K so she knows someone was blessed by her sweet dresses! Thank you!

  2. When my older three were in grade school, we talked about fire safety. We discussed where our meeting place would be, where the fire extinguishers are, etc. Those three are graduated now, and it has been awhile since I've done anything organized with the younger set. With Carissa growing physically but still a preschooler developmentally, our whole family must be ever alert for safety-- which is actually good for us! I should do something more organized, though. Thanks for the timely reminder!

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