Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some days I am amazed

I know I shouldn't be amazed. I have mentioned how I know Miss K is capable of so much. I know she has ability. I admit though there are some days that she does amaze me.

Sunday evening at AWANA the leader had a worksheet there for the kids to do when they had finished saying their verses. I was sitting across the room and had heard it was a hidden code. I wasn't sure what Miss K would write on the paper. I was half expecting her to just write letters without considering the code. This is the paper that she gave me.

Miss K did it. She looked at the code and filled in the blanks. I am impressed and amazed.

Thank you for allowing me to brag a bit. Now I know she can do it, I will push a bit more.

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  1. That AWANA program loves codes! The older books have a lot of busy work that sometimes drives us crazy. The search sites are good though. I agree that it's something to brag about that she picked up on the codes right away! Yeah, Miss K.

    My girls would much appreciate Miss K's cute clothes. I will pay shipping. I have never used cash on delivery, but we can do it that way, or I can send the money, whichever is easier for you. Here is my e-mail address--the one I check frequently:


    Thank you!

  2. Way to go! We have a "children's bulletin" and it often has a code in it. Maybe I can save them for her? My boys have outgrown them.



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